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Drop everything, let’s match the idealistic eyewear fashion…

Drop everything, let’s match the idealistic eyewear fashion…

Drop everything, let’s match the idealistic eyewear fashion…

Who wants fine jewellery when you can turn heads with eyewear that comes with the shimmer. The droopy strings of sparkly fringe, the flashy chains are the signs of an eye catcher. Also, in colored lenses, the sunglasses go with absolutely everything. Since they’re sober & basic, grab a pair for each from daily walks to beach tanning sessions.

Congenial Combination

When it comes to having new sunglasses, you can never go wrong with a prime silhouette in even more classier styled frames. Premium metallic wired, and brown shades are timeless choices you’ll never get bored of - and can get  to brands like Gucci, Dior. You can shop these dominant styles at a budget-friendly price point.

Modified Classics

Long lasting wardrobe staples &  utility focused basics are more important than ever, and that goes for our accessories too. You can never go wrong with a timeless sunglass like the classic Clubmaster from Rayban. The best sunglasses for women are practical, no fuss, and these come with standout details such as tinted lenses, colored frames. In the era of huge takeovers, Del Vecchio obtained brands such as Oakley, Persol & Ray Ban, and made deals with fashion hubs such as Chanel & Armani. 

Furthermore, for office wear, you must try the gold, silver tones and gunmetal are  recommended as it stunningly goes with formal wear & suits. A way to present innovative, glam side is by flaunting modern contemporary shapes, such as dimensional alpha styled sunglasses in thick and large plastic/acetate frames. Most of the modern metallic frames too are stylish in appearance.


Shop this look: https://dayalopticalsindia.com/products/ray-ban-356?_pos=14&_sid=c9b42bc1e&_ss=r

For the weekend

Many youngsters have two sides in life : One is a 9-to-5 official work life and the other is a more happening & fun life on the weekends. Just as a fancy attire is an incorrect choice for the gym, your regular office eyewear may be a wrong option for sport and playwear too.

Eyewear fashion can range from frames with curved shapes or a few with bright shades or fancy combos of metallic and acetate material. We all love comfort but to praise our complicated lifestyle, you require more than one pair of sunglasses. 

Similarly, as all of us have a variety of apparels in our cupboards for various purposes and events, you must have a variety of sunglasses too.

Some accessories have a huge transmuting ability to uplift a whole outfit with a pair of sunglasses – turning your trouser and Tee combo from anything to go stylish and sophisticated with brown shades.

Big and fashionable sunglasses without being over the top., are actually something we see why many celebrities are fond of  &  are mostly seen wearing such pairs to every luncheon or parties they attend…

Check this fabulous sunglasses by Burberry: https://dayalopticalsindia.com/products/burberry-87 

Not forgetting the cat eye sunglasses are super-stylish and fashionable and we get obsessed just after wearing them. The pointed design works to highlight the cheekbones. If you’re seeking a budget-friendly pair of sunglasses, your search is over. 

Here’s a catty sunglass option for you by gucci:


For the best styles, please visit https://dayalopticalsindia.com/collections/all 

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