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Beyond Tradition: Modern Gifting with Designer Eyewear This Diwali in 2023

Beyond Tradition: Modern Gifting with Designer Eyewear This Diwali in 2023

Beyond Tradition: Modern Gifting with Designer Eyewear This Diwali in 2023

The trend of gifting is an age-old tradition. It is often a profound expression of love and care that one can display towards the precious people in our lives. To make it even more significant, gifting has not only become a norm across different festivals but has also been defined as per the occasion. For example, you must have seen typically traditional Diwali gifts in the form of sweets, chocolates, cutlery, or even interior décor.

But modern times means gifting during Diwali has also evolved, moving beyond tradition into the realm of more personal, thoughtful and ‘cool’ gifts. A case in point? Designer eyewear. Not a traditional gift for Diwali by any means, luxury eyewear continues to grow in popularity as a Diwali gift of choice – especially for those looking to gift something truly memorable, precious and spectacular to their friends and family. Who doesn’t like the idea of receiving a cool pair of stylish eyeglasses from Vogue or designer eyewear from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana or Carrera as a Diwali present? It is sure to illuminate your loved one’s life with a lot of joy and excitement!

So, how can you go beyond the traditional and gift designer eyewear with perfection this Diwali? Here’s a few tips!

1. Match the Designer Eyewear with Your Loved One’s 


When we’re gifting, we tend to go with what catches our fancy. But, this Diwali, you can buck that trend by gifting truly special luxury eyewear that goes well with the personality of your loved one. Matching the frame to the wearer’s overall aesthetic and personality is how one can truly style to perfection.

If you are aware about their likes and dislikes or the kind of stylish eyeglasses they prefer or have on their wish-list, then this task becomes easier. Else, figure out their personality type and choose the frame accordingly. A bold, vivid and unconventional shape, for example, can be pulled off by someone who is not afraid to experiment. On the other hand, others with a more reserved personality might prefer classic frames like aviators or wayfarers



2. Search for the Best Eyewear Online

 Today, it is not difficult to purchase the latest, trendy designer eyewear from the most popular and well-regarded fashion and eyewear brands of the world – all thanks to online shopping. Premium eyewear retailers like Dayal Opticals have a complete one-stop-shop solution online to help you not only discover rare luxury eyewear found nowhere else but also search for and purchase them seamlessly. You can also make use of festive season sales online and purchase eyewear for gifting at lucrative discounts!



3. Make Your Diwali Eyewear Gift Thoughtful

When you are trying to purchase stylish eyeglasses online as a gift, don’t just go for stylish frames. Sometimes, gifting eyewear glasses that are more functional can be a really impressive gift. If your loved one uses reading glasses or anti-glare work glasses, then maybe gifting them designer upgrades for the same might be a great idea this Diwali! Does your loved one like to go out on adventures or long drives? Perhaps a great Diwali gift could be high-performance, UV-resistant sporty luxury eyewear. Ultimately, a thoughtful gift is not only intelligent but appreciated more by the receiver!




4. Don’t Forget to Get the Fit Right

Another thing to consider when purchasing designer eyewear online as a gift for someone this Diwali is to get the fit right. You don’t want them to get into the hassle of returning or exchanging the gifted designer eyewear simply because it is not comfortable or convenient to wear. Figure out what their frame size is, whether they wear powered lenses, or if there are certain materials they prefer or don’t like. Knowing this would help you purchase the right eyeglasses to gift with ease!

So, don't just settle for the same old gifts this Diwali. Surprise your loved ones with something new, something different – something that is beyond tradition. Give them the gift of designer eyewear and watch their eyes light up with delight.

Happy gift hunting this Diwali!


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