Enhance Your Vision with Maui Jim Sunglasses: A Look into Polarized Lenses and Lens Technology | Dayal Opticals Blog
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Enhance Your Vision with Maui Jim Sunglasses: A Look into Polarized Lenses and Lens Technology | Dayal Opticals Blog

Enhance Your Vision with Maui Jim Sunglasses: A Look into Polarized Lenses and Lens Technology | Dayal Opticals Blog

Enhance Your Vision with Maui Jim Sunglasses: A Look into Polarized Lenses and Lens Technology

Can the sun, sand and the splendid waters inspire a global eyewear fashion behemoth to arise and become know for its best-in-class polarized lens technology? The answer to that question is an overwhelming ‘Yes!’, as the success story of Maui Jim proves. 

So, who are Maui Jim? And what makes Maui Jim sunglasses a shiny example of style, innovation and functionality blended perfectly together? 

In this blog, we are set to answer these questions and more, taking you on a journey through the brand that has emerged as a polarized lens technology sensation. This also serves as a wonderful cue for you and all designer eyewear enthusiasts to make Maui Kim polarized sunglasses your next pair. More so if you are looking to experience the breath-taking art of vision through a pair that is delivers exactly what it promises.

The Origins: From Fisherman to Iconic Brand

Today, it won’t be a surprise to witness Maui Jim glasses anywhere around the world – be it the sun-kissed beaches of Hawaii or the bustling streets of global cities. That’s because Maui Jim sunglasses have become synonymous with clarity, comfort, vibrant colours, and of course, their superior innovation in lenses. 

But to truly recognise the beauty of Maui Jim, one must trace its roots to the sun-drenched beaches of Lahaina, Hawaii, in the US. 

It was in 1987 that it was founded as a small company selling sunglasses at the beach. This unique environment where the harshness of the sun was evident proved to be the motivation for Maui Jim to invest in developing lens technology that is effectively protective against both glare as well as harmful UV radiation from the sun. But that was not all. Another vision Maui Jim sunglasses bring to life is providing exceptional clarity to wearers so as to enjoy the brilliant colours of nature and life which are found in abundance on the islands of Hawaii.

Thus, was born one of the foremost lens technologies of our age: the PolarizedPlus2®.

Revolutionizing Lens Technology: PolarizedPlus2®

At the heart of Maui Jim sunglasses for women and men has been exceptional polarized lens technology. This stems from the American designer eyewear brand’s belief in light and colour being key to unlocking the human experience. 

Thus, the brand introduced its trademark PolarizedPlus2® lens technology in Maui Jim sunglasses for men and women – the first set of patented lenses that went beyond ordinary polarization to protect wearers from 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

PolarizedPlus2® - The Lens

Let us start with the famous Maui Jim lens. The three principles that every lens incorporated into Maui Jim glasses works on are colour, clarity and detail. Every colour of their lenses is designed for a unique wearer:

  • Neutral Grey – If you want a pair of designer Maui Jim sunglasses to shield you from direct, bright sunlight, then go with this colour. It reduces incoming light the best for enhanced colours and contrast.
  • HCL Bronze – If you are looking for something for daily use, then go for this colour. This is Maui Jim’s ‘High Contrast Lens’.
  • Maui Rose – Are you a sports aficionado? Then go for Maui Jim sunglasses for men and women with this lens colour, ideal for fast-moving activities.
  • Maui HT – This is the High Transmission lens from the brand that is ideal for low light conditions.

What about the material?

  • SuperThin Glass – Offering superior scratch resistance, this lens material is said to be 32% thinner and lighter than an average glass.
  • MauiBrilliant – Go for MauiBrilliant lens material if you want supreme, glass-like clarity.
  • MauiPure – As far as popularity of lenses go, this one is on top of the list, thanks to its balanced attributes.
  • Maui Evolution – Combining the properties of SuperThin Glass and polycarbonate, Maui Evolution is a high index and impact resitsant material.
  • MauiPure LT – This is the lightweight version of MauiPure, measuring 35% thinner than the same lens.



PolarizedPlus2® - The Advantages

So, what makes the polarized lenses in Maui Jim sunglasses for women and men exceptional? 

  1. Glare Elimination: If you are annoyed by the lack of glare elimination in your regular pairs of sunglasses, then Maui Jim has your back. That’s because the PolarizedPlus2® lenses deliver up to 99.99% glare reduction. But that’s not all: you also get hyper-precise polarization through blocking of horizontal glare; a bi-gradient mirror at the top and bottom of the lens to reduce brightness; patented anti-reflective treatment; and MauiGradient. Thus, with Maui Jim polarized sunglasses, whether you’re on the water, driving, or skiing, you can enjoy reduced blinding reflections, allowing you to see clearly without squinting.
  2. Eye Health: The best thing about Maui Jim sunglasses is that they provide 100% UV protection, thus shielding your vision from extensive damage outdoors. Lenses from Maui Jim also come with Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, protecting the skin around the eyes from UV damage. If you love to work or use screens with your frames on, then Maui Jim glasses’ HEV protection filters out the damaging blue light easily. 
  3. Colour Enhancement: Instead of simply dimming or darkening your view like most sunglasses do, Maui Jim lenses enhance colours vividly, keeping your visual comfort in mind. This works thanks to the patented use of three rare Earth elements to enhance red, green and blue light waves. The result is enhanced balance and saturation of colours with great depth perception and high contrast!
  4. Lens Protection: From astute scratch resistance to water and oil proofing, Maui Jim sunglass lenses are expertly built and designed using the highest forms of technology so as to enhance their durability and long-term performance! So, use them without a care in the world, be it on your adventures in the mountains or the beach! 

Over the years, the classic Maui Jim polarized sunglasses have also evolved into over 125 different styles, which means there is something for everyone. Additionally, you can also avail Maui Jim prescription sunglasses as per your convenience!

Final Words

All in all, it has to be said: in a world where clarity is often obscured by noise and distraction, Maui Jim sunglasses offer a welcome respite. These stunning runway-ready sunglasses for men and women offer the wearer and exciting glimpse into a world of unparalleled vision and vibrancy. And who doesn’t want to sport the most advanced lens technology in the world that not only makes for superior eye health protection but also a great talking point when eventual compliments come your way? 

Are you ready to explore the world through Maui Jim sunglasses, and let the colours of paradise paint your reality?

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