90s-fashion is everywhere you turn right now.

90s-fashion is everywhere you turn right now.


Centuries ago, the prime group to experiment with sunglasses was the former Chinese. Nevertheless, they utilised them for a particular reason. Sunglasses were used in the courts by the judges and were supposed to remain aloof and unprejudiced and hence needed a way to keep their emotions a secret & hide the eyes.




Slowly & gradually, everyone started wearing tinted glasses to handle eye problems plus as well as eye sensitivity. Sunglasses were not a thing that individuals with normal vision had or wanted. In fact, people who wore them were often judged by someone who has a problem with their eyes.

But years later, Hollywood fashion popped in dramatically. Sunglasses started to get linked with alluring fashion and glamorous charm. During then, the powerful lighting on the sets and photography flash used to cause strain in the eyes, this is why celebrities began to use sunglasses in public to prevent their eyes from complications.


Then comes pop culture…


In the 1970s, it was all about large frames while in the 1990s,  it was a fashion of smaller sunglasses with tints. Tom Cruise was actually the one who also made sunglasses a fashion necessity. The star made wayfarers famous & perhaps the style of ’80s & ’90s. 

Johnny Depp has given us major fashion goals when it comes to sunglasses. If you’re a 90’s fashion lover, one must go through his looks back then.




Trendy sunglasses fashion who wish to relive the 90’s…


Our first suggestion of the '90s style which is madly trending in 2022 is the vintage rectangular small plastic sunglasses. Bella Hadid & Rihanna wear the same style at least once a week. You should really give thought to this spectacular advice. 

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Also, the oval & round broad shape is for you, only if you want to be seen everywhere. In the '90s, the vision was often funky too. So why not try the Christy Turlington look?

If you are a 90’s Brad Pitt fan then one cannot miss out on the star’s look in the film Fighter Club (1999) where the man nailed it in red ‘Oliver Peoples’ sunglasses.

Furthermore, the round is a statement too. Check out some sunnies in brands like Rayban, Fendi & Tom ford & slay just like Drew Barrymore.

Brad Pitt in Tom Ford sunglasses.



The bold women who do not mind trying anything extraordinary should undoubtedly have a look at the logomania that ruled on Chanel's Haute Couture in 1992.

Something which no one can forget is the Lisa Bonet look, a face & pioneer of beady specs in the ’90s. Another fashion influencer Jennifer Aniston doesn’t even know that she has been inspiring people with her sense of fashion and making a statement. The star made the 90's a period of tiny sunglasses & pulled throughout with her classic pieces.


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Tinted sunglasses are inspired by Britney Spears who killed it with crop tops & flared jeans. The colourful sunglasses gave an ultimate look & it was sure the teen’s first pick. Not talking about studded frames would be unfair. At the Oscars, Celine Dion completed her look with gorgeous and bold studded sunglasses that made a statement in 1999. 



Naomi Campbell slayed in a leopard look and star shades on the ramp in 1991. You can find such strong and bold sunglasses in Prada because everryone knows.., the ‘Devil wears Prada…! Remembering the Lil Kim look, the eyes were popping out when the Queen wore a  crop top, belly chain, and bug-eyed clear frames in 1990. Gucci is recommended here.

In addition, accessorising a phenomenal yet simple look with opaque oval sunglasses or for the rich and luxurious retro look, opaque black sunglasses are something you should absolutely choose.

"If you're a fan of big frames, crazy shapes with shimmer then you're definitely showing yourself as somebody fun and cheerful". "If you follow the trends, and you wish to explore streetwear and be completely unique from the crowd, you'd wear a slim and sleek frame. If you're stepping out for a coffee, and you just need something sober and classy, pick your black wayfarers without a doubt…

Don’t miss this Lil Kim 1990 look 

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Mary J Blige, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields are a few celebrities to follow for the 90’s inspiration. Also, the brands which won’t let you down in the retro designs are Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Bvlgari, Gucci & Prada. 

Returning to the vintage-inspired designs, celebrities and influencers have started wearing smaller sunglasses than ever before & which sure is an ongoing trend for the millennials. 


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