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Carrera Sunglasses at Dayal Opticals – For the Adventurer at Heart

Few luxury eyewear brands around the world can set your heart racing as Carrera does, offering the most premium and tastefully designed sunglasses for all thrill-seekers. Carrera sunglasses exude the sort of confidence one associates with those who stand out from the crowd. What Carrera sunglasses for men and women bring to the table is pioneering design and outstanding quality – two principles on which the brand never compromises!
At Dayal Opticals, we are committed to offering you an exclusive selection of the finest luxury eyewear brands from around the world. Among our exceptional line-up, Carrera stands out as a brand that provides all those who sport their sunglasses and eyewear a dynamic energy, a boldness of spirit, and a rich sporting heritage. Not only do we promise to meticulously curate the latest collections but also offer a great Carrera sunglasses price in India to all our patrons! Allow us to introduce you to the captivating world of Carrera sunglasses where adventure takes centre stage.

About Carrera – Made from a Sporting DNA

Carrera, founded in 1956 by Austrian eyewear specialist Wilhelm Anger, derives its name from the gruelling Carrera Panamericana open road racing event held in Mexico, known for its intense challenges and thrilling spirit. At that time, the event was the cynosure of all eyes that treasured an adrenaline rush. As such, it was a melting pot of the best drivers and racing car enthusiasts from all over the world.
From then on, in the 1970s, Carrera became closely associated with the ever-evolving world of winter sports, especially skiing, giving birth to one of the most recognisable Carrera designs – the ski goggles! Then, in 1976, Carrera took a giant leap towards strengthening its trademark sporty design philosophy through a collaboration with Porsche Design. The result was the launch of enigmatic and futuristic Carrera sunglasses donned by some of the greatest rockstars of the age.
Thereafter, decade after decade, Carrera made waves in the world of eyewear with its ground-breaking design style coupled with edgy innovation defying the trends of the time. The result was the arrival of some of the most celebrated Carrera sunglasses for men and women: Carrera C, Carrera Safari, Carrera Champion, the Carrera Boeing collection, and the Carrera Sunjet.
This spirit of adventure and daring is deeply ingrained in Carrera's DNA, making it a brand that resonates with individuals who seek excitement and style and believe in carving their own niche.

Carrera Eyewear: The Intersection of Sport and Style

There is no doubt that Carrera's eyewear collection mirrors this rich sporting heritage while embracing cutting-edge design. Our collection of Carrera eyewear captures the essence of the brand's dedication to creating eyepieces that combine sports functionality with high-fashion aesthetics. These glasses aren't just accessories; they are a statement of your active lifestyle and love for bold design. Meticulously engineered and fashion-forward, Carrera eyewear epitomises the thrill of adventure and the allure of style, all the while keeping the frames lightweight, sturdy, and stylish.
Carrera sunglasses line-up boasts a range of designs that embody a sense of speed, dynamism, and style. The Carrera Champion Aviator Sunglasses, with their classic aviator shape and bold detailing, pay homage to the brand's roots in racing. They are a perfect choice for those who crave adventure and seek to make a bold fashion statement.
For a contemporary take on eyewear, consider the Carrera New Safari Sunglasses. These sunglasses combine a sleek, rectangular frame with innovative materials, showcasing Carrera's commitment to both style and performance. The undeniably cool Carrera 1032/S aviator metal sunglasses are also extremely popular, thanks to their modern take on vintage aviators that includes the sculptural double nose bridge and the iconic ‘C’ logo.

Find Your Perfect Carrera – Only at Dayal Opticals

Carrera eyewear is for individuals who embrace adventure, appreciate bold design, and value performance in their eyewear.
We invite you to explore our website or visit our stores to experience the thrilling style of Carrera eyewear available at Dayal Opticals. Discover the best Carrera sunglasses price in India and bring home the perfect pair. Be it classic designs or contemporary interpretations, our curated selection of Carrera eyewear awaits your discerning taste.
Embrace the spirit of adventure, exude confidence, and make a style statement that will forever remain unmatched with the best Carrera sunglasses in India – only at Dayal Opticals: your one-stop shop for everything from Carrera eyewear to Jimmy Choo sunglass